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Sharks are relentless business-minded people who stop at nothing to stack their portfolios, create opportunities for themselves, team-up with others to expand their brand and business and surround themselves with other like-minded people!

Business-minded sharks are bred by other business-minded people they keep in their circle, business knowledge they obtain from experience, by taking risks that normal people wouldn’t take and betting on themselves when others won’t, lessons learned from mistakes made, spending many hours working on their brand, businesses and researching other businesses and opportunities to expand.  

No real shark goes from the bottom straight to the top and remains successfully at the top without a lot of hard work and putting in a ton of time working on and expanding their brand or business. Sharks are very consistent and relentless, they learn from their experiences and miscues, and are not always successful on their first attempt at securing a meal.

Lesson, sharks never give up, even when they fail. They will eventually be successful on their hunt, and they will eat, because they consistently put that time and work in until they are eventually successful!


Mentality is a mental strength mindset that drives creativeness or ambition!  A shark's mentality combines creativeness and ambition that creates a focused mental mindset that drives or motivates them to create various opportunities for themselves and others, that's "SHARK MENTALITY"

Sharks naturally have that killer instinct that allows them to attack at will with force and furiousness because their main goal is always to eat. A starving shark will act without thinking which can be detrimental to the shark. The reason being is they will go after meals that they wouldn't if they weren't starving, like electric eels who have a great chance of electrocuting the shark to death. A shark who eats and sets up their next meal before the hunger pains set in is very focused, patient, and they move in a more calculated, controlled manner. 

Lesson, your mindset is everything, it will determine whether you're prepared to eat or you're prepared to struggle and starve! The best way to prepare to eat is to prepare your next meal while your full, because if you wait until your stomach is touching and growling you will not be thinking clearly and that's dangerous. When you're prepared to eat, you can focus on furthering your meals, so that you will always be prepared to eat! 


Dreams without action is just sleep or daydreaming and "SHARKS DON'T SLEEP". You must put your vision or dream into action! You must put in countless time (hours) and be motivated to grow as a person and as a brand or business. Businesses and brands don’t expand on their own they need consistent hard work, and dedication and knowledge in your field of business.

Sharks don’t reach their massive sizes by being lazy, waiting for things to happen for them! Sharks are always curious and making moves to secure their next meal. Dreams don’t just happen without taking any action to making them become a reality. Winning the lottery doesn’t happen if tickets are not purchased, getting promotion shouldn’t occur without putting in a lot of hard work, and owning a successful business or brand will not happen without a lot of hard work, time, and motivation. 

Lesson, stay hungry and continuously making moves that will ensure that you eat and get that bag!


Never stop working on your business even if it doesn’t show signs of life. That’s easier said than done, but sometimes businesses need a lot more motivation, time, motivation, and dedication to start showing signs of life. Keep working and focusing on your business is the key to gaining success and sustaining success! Not every business is easy to start or run, a lot of sweat equity is needed in most new businesses, but it will be all worth it in the end.

Hard work, motivation and putting huge amounts of time for your business can’t be stresses enough. If you want your business to succeed and thrive sacrifices must be made. You must sacrifice and keep sacrificing your time until your business is in place where you can hire others to keep certain parts of your business running while you focus on growing and expanding your business.

Seek advice by contacting others through social media who have similar businesses and have achieved success in their business. Join groups on Facebook and follow other similar businesses on Instagram to see how they gained success, just to name a few social media platforms. Don’t be afraid to ask important questions that can help you improve your business.

Lesson, a closed mouth won’t get fed and you can’t be a real shark without continuously working to eat! Contact other people in your niche or who have similar businesses, slide in their dm’s, and ask them questions. Take it even further by befriending and following them.

Image describing sharks traits to give a lesson of motivation



Real sharks surround themselves with other sharks, so "HANG WITH SHARKS". Keeping like-minded people around you drive you to want more, do more and be more. They will be able to speak your language and you will be free to strike up a conversation without having to explain certain terms and business jargon as you would with many normal people.

Surrounding yourself with other sharks will keep you motivated to keep growing and want that will make you want to compete and keep up with your own business dealings to remain successful. There is nothing more motivating than a little friendly competition. Competition will help you grow and expand, so compete with no fear!

Lesson, you will be the company you keep! If you surround yourself with bottom feeders, sooner or later you will be a bottom feeder in most cases. You surround yourself with business-owners and sooner or later you too will be a business owner.


Sharks must be motivated, and continuously work hard while putting in huge amounts of time if they want to get to the top and remain at the top! Sharks must be motivated and dedicated to their grind. A shark must be disciplined to continuously work hard, stay motivated and spend copious amounts of time running and expanding their business or brand.

Without all three aspects, hard work, motivation, and time a business will not remain successful. If you’re not constantly working on your business, it will not grow and will eventually start failing. Without motivation you will have no drive or passion to want to continue working hard which will eventually result in the business failing. Without putting in time working on your business, the business will fall behind and fail.

Discipline is very import in the business world. Without having discipline in your business, you will not be able to focus or have any type of structure. With no discipline there can be no consistency, consistency takes discipline. A business without structure will not last because nothing will be set in place to keep the business evolving.

Lesson, a shark without hard work, motivation, and putting in time hunting will be a starving shark. If you want to eat you have to be motivated to work hard and spend time working to improve your business and grow it.


Running a successful business, you should never want the end to be near! You should want the business to continue its success and keep thriving. Even if your business isn’t performing well, you never want to end your business either. Running a business just isn’t for everyone. Not everyone has the discipline, wherewithal, time, or motivation to focus on and run a business, and that’s okay.

Sharks are disciplined in their set business, and they never see the end or finish line. They simply expand or sell their business to start a other new businesses, or they might team up with other businesses or become an investor in other businesses. Sharks are never just satisfied with how many businesses they have; they are always looking to add to their portfolio.

Lesson. "SINK or SWIM". Sharks never stop swimming and they’re always looking ahead, when they stop swimming that is the end for them, they drown. So don’t stop working on your business, always look ahead and the end will become more and more distant!






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